Answers and questions

Story & Co. provides consulting services on matters of community communication, community engagement, branding, business and economic development. Our consulting services are offered on an hourly or per project basis. 

Our insight is most valuable at the inception of a communication initiative. If your community or business is considering a communication initiative, contact us as early as possible in the pre-planning process. Our insight can prevent redundant expenditure and unnecessary expense, as well as provide a foundation for success.

For communication initiatives that are on-going, Story & Co. can provide valuable insight that can bring projects back on track, help to eliminate redundancy, or deal with complex public relations and media issues. 


Common issues that we consult on include:

  •         Community branding process
  •         Community engagement
  •         Community education
  •         Stakeholder selection
  •         RFP development
  •         Contracts
  •         Design 
  •         Copy writing
  •         Web development
  •         Photography
  •         Hierarchical brands & sub-brands
  •         Change models
  •         Strategic planning
  •         Economic development
  •         Business retention
  •         Chambers of Commerce
  •         Destination Marketing Organizations
  •         Media & public relations
  •         Emergency communication
  •         3rd party contractors
  •         Tradeshows
  •         Community signage
  •         Launch events
  •         Campaign marketing

For more information on Story & Co. consulting, let’s chat.