Myths and misconceptions

Every so often, a community goes through a process of strengthening their brand. A community branding process is about strengthening a story to create a better future. It’s about working and conversing together towards possibilities. Strengthening a brand can be one of the most valuable processes a community undertakes.

That said, there are often a number of misunderstandings associated with brands and branding. Here’s a little collection of myths and misconceptions about brands, as well as explanations that help clear them up.

Brand = Story, Story = Brand

A tragedy is a fairy tale told wrong.

A brand is a story. A story is a brand. 

A community’s brand is the community’s story.

People have stories. And communities have stories.

A story is who you are and what you do. It’s what you’ve done, and how you do it. Just as importantly, it’s what people say about you behind your back.

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