Wild people. Wild spaces.

Wildsight is an incredible grassroots organization with an incredible story. They work with people to look after the environment and promote sustainability in BC’s south-eastern corner. Story & Co. worked with Wildsight for half a decade, providing strategic planning and communications overview.

The organization has five branches, runs 28 different programs and multiple ongoing campaigns. Wildsight's extraordinarily diverse activities include working with local governments, allying against glacier resort development, and working to protect regions from damaging industrial incursions. Wildsight’s greatest strength, however, is its relationships with people: organization members, communities, stakeholders, multiple levels of government, and even the children of tomorrow. (Think ‘children of tomorrow’ sounds too hippy? Then go back to your knuckle-dragging, gentle person.)

Wildsight information package. This package is an extraordinary print piece. Printed on high-grade FSC recycled material, it boasts differing page sizes, with a custom tear, special stitch binding, and a foil laminate.

Sure, it garnered awards, but even better, it garnered the attention of funders and supporters.

Wildsight funder info package.

Wildsight brochure.

Wildsight brochure.

Wildsight's Education in the wild brochure, a children’s education program.

Wildsight's Education in the wild brochure, a children’s education program.

Wildsight promotional poster for Education in the wild, a children’s education program.

Wildsight promotional poster.

Wildsight promotional poster.

Home page for Wildsight website.

Poster for Flathead Wild campaign. 

Poster for Flathead Wild campaign. 

Poster for Flathead Wild campaign. 

Wildsight’s Columbia Wetlands informational booklet.

Story & Co. wrote, edited, and designed multiple reports, proposals, and updates for Wildsight’s partners and stakeholders.

Page spread, from a Wildsight report.

Looking after matters in the wild backyard is important, but it’s even more critical to connect with folks in the community. Trees can’t speak for themselves, but people can speak for trees. It takes a community to raise a child, and it takes a community communicating to establish a future for its children.

There are no environmental problems. There are people problems. We don’t look after the environment. The environment looks after us. Thanks, Wildsight, for being brave enough to continue to talk about things that matter!