Our home. Welcome.

Story & Co. worked with this First Nation community to develop communication tools and processes.

?Aq’am is a member of the Ktunaxa Nation, situated in the Rocky Mountains. The community is involved in a number of economic development initiatives, including development at the Canadian Rockies International Airport, and corporate partnerships. ?Aq’am is also home to a thriving golf resort and casino.

?Aq’am possesses an incredible history. Their people speak what is known as a language isolate: their language and culture are unlike any other in the world. Story & Co. worked with the community to establish and articulate its vision for the future, and to develop the tools and processes that would resonate with the community first, bring attention to their traditions and story, as well as allowing for growth in their future initiatives.

As part of this truly extraordinary story telling experience, Story & Co. interviewed community members and elders, had conversations with community groups, and met with government and approval groups. The result is an exceptional First Nations story told well, embraced by the community, and capable of carrying their identity forward towards an intentional future.

Poster developed to communicate the community’s new identity.

Poster developed to communicate the community’s new identity.

Poster developed to communicate the community’s new identity.

Poster developed to communicate the community’s new identity.

Poster developed to communicate the community’s new identity.

“It’s simple to say ?Aq’am. It sounds like ‘Welcome’ and ‘Our home.’”

?Aq’am’s history features people highly skilled with horses. “Our Indians were better cowboys than cowboys.” - from a community session.

Economic development ad.

Community development ad. “Sometimes the silence says more than the words.” - from a community session.

Community development ad. The ?Aq’am project positively sings with images that draw the viewer in and help to tell its story.

We have a few words for the way the earth is being treated, but we can’t say them here.

?Aq’am website home page.

?Aq’am website step-down page.

?Aq’am website step-down page.

Corporate identity package; business cards, letterhead & envelope.

Story & Co. created a comprehensive set of ?Aq’am communication guidelines providing instruction on using brand tools. Topics range from tone of voice, to logo usage, to photo styles and more. 

?Aq’am communication guidelines: page spread from communications guidelines book. In addition to standard guidelines, Story & Co. also developed a watermark symbol, derived from traditional pictographs. The usage of the pictograph watermarks serve to provide an expression and presence of past traditions and culture, overseeing and guiding present and future communications.

?Aq’am’s logo is extraordinarily well thought out. The logo symbolism gives a nod to traditional teepes and fire rings: both symbols still found today that acknowledge the community’s close connection with the land. But the logo also represents the distinct number of poles in a Ktunaxa teepee: 13. The 13 poles were then interposed on a cross section of a Ponderosa Pinecone, a common species in their region. Pinecones possess three sets of Fibonacci spirals, a mathematical sequence which occurs commonly in nature. Happily, pinecones also symbolize growth and regeneration, perfect attributes for a community newly intent upon their future.

Page spread from ?Aq’am’s logo usage guidelines.

Page spread from ?Aq’am’s Community Strategic Plan. Story & Co. worked closely with the community and leaders, throughout a process that saw multiple meetings with the community to discuss its future and possibilities. The community directly contributed to shaping their goals and objectives, as well as shaping increased accountability for acting on their community’s strategic plan. The strategic plan had 13 focus areas, which corresponded to their traditional 13 teepee poles. This feature was reflected throughout the document's design.


Page spread from ?Aq’am’s Community Strategic Plan.