Short and smart
Before you begin

Five elements of community branding are frequently overlooked. Many projects fail because these are misunderstood, wrongly considered or ignored. The five 5 essential elements for consideration are:

Brand = Story, Story = Brand

A tragedy is a fairy tale told wrong.

A brand is a story. A story is a brand. 

A community’s brand is the community’s story.

People have stories. And communities have stories.

A story is who you are and what you do. It’s what you’ve done, and how you do it. Just as importantly, it’s what people say about you behind your back.

How to get it right

“Listening is the first step, and also the last step.”
- Cantus the Minstrel

Community communication: to most community leaders, it’s about speaking or broadcasting information.
To some leaders, it’s about listening.
To the successful, it’s about listening well.
And in order to to listen really well, you need to ask great questions.

Here’s why.