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We’d rather not go on about how great we are. We’d rather that other people do it for us!

Enjoy this salient feast of non-fictional accolades from real, exceptional people who we’ve had the privilege to work with.

Shuswap Tourism

“We like to think Story & Co. have helped to create some of the best community and regional communications and strategy in the country. And so does the Economic Development Association of Canada! Story & Co. have been involved at every level of our ongoing regional promotions and communications. They’ve worked on the ground with individual communities and businesses, developed strategy, assisted in project management and facilitation and regularly offer proactive advice on ongoing initiatives. They not only understand our story, but help to tell it best in a confident, compelling (and award winning) manner.”

– Robyn Cyr, Economic Development Officer & Manager, Tourism Shuswap Manager,
Columbia Shuswap Regional District

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“If what you want is simply advertising – look somewhere else.

If you are looking for facilitation, strategic advice, and creativity to enhance community health and economic resilience through authentic communication, there’s none better than Story & Co.”

– Kevin Wilson, Economic Development Officer, City of Kimberley

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“If you wanted to find a collection of community and communication challenges, Kimberley would be a good place to be looking. Well, it was a good place to be looking for communication challenges... After Story & Co. spent time engaging and listening to the community, educating individuals and groups and developing tools and processes, Kimberley is now formally a kick-ass place to be communicating. Story & Co. did an exceptional job of building the interconnectedness of tourism, economic development, and leadership. As a result, our community is already working more closely together: building the future we desire with the attitude we deserve. And that’s a good place for us to be.”

– Jesse Ferguson, Executive Director, Tourism Kimberley

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Kicking Horse Coffee

“Story & Co. kick ass. Their understanding of our company and industry, communication tools and brilliant design have helped take our story from good to great. They’ve been instrumental in helping to create our own community of discerning, fun-loving, coffee aficionados. Hard working? Check. Great folks? Check. Skilled at latté art? Don’t bet on it.”

– Elana Rosenfeld, CEO, Kicking Horse Coffee

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“Story & Co. went to great lengths to engage the ʔaq'am community, learn and understand the story and worked with us to develop communication tools and strategy that helped foster a greater sense of community, vision and communication. ʔaq'am possesses a story, language and people like no other, and Story & Co. were very talented at connecting with, listening to and understanding this very distinct and singular community. It takes more than words to tell a story, especially if that story is so deeply connected to the Land. Story & Co. certainly listened to the “legends between the lines” and helped us express our story best.”

– Becky Pelkonen. Director, Community & Economic Development.

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Boundary Country

“Story & Co. enabled Boundary Country to step outside the lines of conventional communication. Boundary Country is a rural region, with multiple distinct communities. Story & Co. did an excellent job of quickly understanding our specific needs, relating to and engaging our communities, and developing tools and processes to help tell the region’s collective story. Boundary Country now possesses an award winning suite of tools that promote consistent messaging and continue to foster an increased spirit of regional collaboration.”

– Jennifer Wetmore, Economic Development Coordinator, Community Futures,
Boundary Country

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Creston Valley

“Those Story & Co. people know what they’re doing. They managed to get a incredibly diverse group of folks together, agree on a vision and collectively approve a solution. In addition, they reminded our community about how great we are and how great we can become. Their process is smart, their team is adept at listening and understanding and their work speaks for itself. They created tools that helped communicate our story and vision in a way that resonates with our region and invites others to discover more.”

– Lou Varela, EDO, City of Creston

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Grand Forks

“Story & Co. did an exceptional job engaging our community. They developed great tools that help to tell our story and provided a plan that allows us to work on telling it best. They’re easy to work with, confident in what they do, and clearly care about the success of the communites they work with. They didn’t try to create a silver bullet for Grand Forks. Instead, they supplied tools and strategy that will assist in meeting a diverse array of future challenges and opportunities head on.”

– Sarah Winton, City of Grand Forks

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Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

“Story & Co. bring exceptional experience and insight to the table. Their core competencies are clearly evidenced in their brand management, strategy and communication campaigns. We were privileged to work with Story & Co. and benefitted greatly from their strategic insights, great service and spot-on articulation of our brand and messaging.”

– Steve Paccagnan, President, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

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“Story Co. facilitated the development of the theme and rebranding for Revelstoke for use by the Revelstoke Accommodation Association Destination Marketing Organization. This provided for a new approach to communicating to the marketplace through print, electronic and direct consumer contact advertising and display media. The efforts have been well received and will continue to serve as a platform while our marketing initiatives evolve.”

– Thom Tischik, Marketing Manager, Revelstoke Accommodation Association

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Sun Peaks

“Story & Co. did an incredible job of working with our destination and community. They listened. They learned. And they captured our story in a way that resonated with both visitors and residents. Their work has given us focus and consistency in our communications; and helped us articulate our positioning as Canada’s Alpine Village.”

– Christopher Nicholson, President, Tourism Sun Peaks

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“Story & Co. have been an incredible asset to Wildsight as communications is a significant element of our work. They have assisted us in many facets of our organization, and demonstrated a rich depth of understanding of the issues and challenges we face. They’ve provided insight and tools to better communicate with ourselves and others. If you have the opportunity to work with them, take it. Even a simple discussion holds value.”

– John Bergenske, Executive Director, Wildsight

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