4 ways to work with us

Story & Co. possesses four primary phases of engagement. Some might call them packages. Some might call them groupings. We think of them as a simpler way to discuss how we can work with our clients.

The Complete Engagement is our comprehensive and most common type of project.

Our Prescriptive Engagement and Community Engagement phases address specific community and project needs.

Our Initial Engagement focuses on introduction, communication education, and project planning.

Take a brief look at the different ways to work with us, and for more detailed information simply contact us.

Complete Engagement

This package is our most common method of engagement. It is a comprehensive approach to developing an engaged community, communication tools and processes. 

This package is best suited for:

Community and decision makers committed to comprehensive communication and community engagement and who possess the budget, capacity, and time for a complete engagement. This engagement can sometimes be referred to as community branding, tourism branding, regional branding, economic development branding, business branding or communication development. 

For more detailed phase information contact Story & Co.

Prescriptive Engagement

This is a foundational communication option, for those who are not yet able to fully commit to developing comprehensive tools and collateral of the Complete Engagement. In addition to educating stakeholders, informing the community, kickstarting engagement and conversations; this phase also sees community research result in baseline metrics and recommendations for future communication tools and development.

This package is best suited for:

Communities looking to build communication capacity, seeking planning and strategy, but not yet ready to develop tools. This phase can be highly valuable when implemented concurrently with other strategic planning processes.

For more detailed phase information contact Story & Co.

Community Engagement

Talk, together. Build tomorrow, together, today. After educating stakeholders and decision makers, Story & Co. works with small groups, engaging and educating community and preparing the way for future communication development.

This package is best suited for:

Communities who are focused on developing early-stage grassroots communication, and recruiting future communication initiative ambassadors and champions. This engagement level is the perfect way to strengthen perceptions concerning community communication.

For more detailed phase information contact Story & Co.

Initial Engagement

First step. Decision makers work with Story & Co. to understand the principles and value of community communication. Story & Co. will meet with primary decision makers, broadly review communication and innovation capacity, and work to develop a roadmap towards future communication initiatives.

This package is best suited for:

Primary proponents of communication initiatives. Economic Development, City or Urban Planners, Stakeholder Engagement groups, Tourism organizations, Communication departments, Marketing, Sales or Grassroots organizations.  This phase helps align decision makers, establish clear vision, and develop a plan for future communication steps.

For more detailed phase information contact Story & Co.

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