Community: best created, not awaited.

We’ve worked with nearly everyone. Tourism, environment, outdoor recreation, processing and manufacturing, economic and innovation development, resource industries, First Nations, and governments. We strengthened stories and help tell them best.

Over time, our skills and expertise have focused on complex community communication projects. 

Our work often involves government and municipalities on a variety of initiatives, from branding and design, to economic development and capacity building, to regional feedback projects. We work extensively with boards, stakeholders, and officials in many different decision making processes and procedures.

We champion the need to blur and bend the lines between economic development, governance, and tourism communication initiatives. 

We provide internal engagement before external actions. We shift focus from the tools themselves, to the futures the tools could create.

We choose to work on projects and initiatives driven by bold strategists, engaged decision makers, and accountable entities. 

We provide visionary work for visionaries who work. 

Our greatest ongoing achievement is being a part of good stories made great. It’s a privilege to work with those who are intent on building a more valuable future, together.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay