About Us

Facts and 411

Story & Co. is a leading community communication and branding firm.

We strengthen community stories and brands.

We increase community engagement and connection.

We provide communication and brand tools and processes that help develop valuable communities, regions, businesses, and organizations.  

We’re small. And as big as we need to be. A typical project’s core team is comprised of 3-6 skilled professionals with experience in community capacity building, strategic planning, public relations, marketing, journalism, photography, resort management & marketing, tourism marketing, graphic design, web development, project management, campaign strategy, and communications. When initiatives require additional services, we collaborate with a select network of communication professionals.

We’re based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We work everywhere.

For over 10 years, our clients have ranged from multi-national corporations to start-up businesses. We’ve worked on communication projects for communities, municipalities, and regions; with First Nations, tourism DMOs, environmental organizations, economic development initiatives, small businesses, destination resorts, and a kick-ass coffee company.

We are intolerant of indifference.

We work with progressive, forward-thinking, accountable entities.

We can use large words, but save the small ones for big deals.

Tell us why you should be working with us.

Don’t just change the way a community looks, change the way they see.